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Saskia is a pole dancer, competitor, and instructor currently based in Montreal, Canada. The art of creative performance has continually conjured a great sense of joy and exuberance within her. As a young artist, from ages 3-13, she immersed herself in a plethora of movement styles, including that of contemporary, hip hop, belly dance, and traditional African dance. In her teenage years, her dedication to performance led her to Theatre Arts. Saskia then went on to utilize her post-secondary education to further explore her interest in entertainment. She graduated from the Dawson College Professional Theatre Program in 2013.


In early 2014, Saskia attended her first pole dance lesson at Alternative Fitness. She soon fell in love with both the beauty and strength which defines the art form. Within a year, she was working as a pole instructor and training for her first competition. Over the following two years, Saskia received various pole awards. Her passion for pole was ignited by the unique challenge that pole offers and by the endless range of opportunity found within pole arts. Her fierce devotion fanned this fire and the support, strength, and acceptance within the pole community have kept that flame ablaze ever since.

In 2017, Saskia’s dance explorations took her across the world to Australia, where she studied with numerous instructors, including Yungie Dang, Maddie Sparkle and Michelle Shimmy. During her time in Australia, Saskia also tucked a few unofficial titles under her belt. She made her mark as the proud winner of a “twerk-off” competition and placed in four Australian pole dance contests. After a year of experimentation abroad, Saskia returned to Canada in 2018 with an established focus on elevating the intention and precision of her choreographic works. Upon her return, she promptly created a performance routine to the viral song 'Moo' by Doja Cat; she subsequently unveiled it at Pole Theatre Canada 2018. This routine's comedic elements brought together Saskia’s theatrical training and her choreographic skills. This caught the eye of many pole enthusiasts across the country and can be viewed here. In 2019, Saskia’s dance adventures included her sharing the stage with rap artist Snoop Dogg as one of his recurring pole performers during his '25 years of Doggystye' tour. Saskia’s awards also include her placing 2nd in the PSO Canada East Level 5 Exotic competition in 2019 as well as her securing the crown of “Erotic Star” at the 2019 Erotic Pole Star competition. Again and again, Saskia delights and captivates her audiences and peers with her unique energy and compelling movement style.

Saskia is currently developing new workshop offerings for online and in-person learning, and is coordinating 2024 tour dates with studios and stages across Canada and the US. Passion and community are central to Saskia’s practice, and she is always delighted to welcome new students, teachers, and friends into her pole family!

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